Es el recubrimiento de piezas de acero con una solución de Zinc. En medicina es la aplicación de corrientes continuas de baja tensión con fines terapéuticos.
   <(F.): Galvanisation: application des courants continus de basse tension, à visée antalgique.
    <(In.): Galvanization: refers to any of several electrochemical processes named after the Italian scientist Luigi Galvani. In general use the most common meaning refers to the process of coating a metal, usually steel with zinc as a protection against rusting. Unlike paints, which can also protect steel from corrosion, zinc coatings protect exposed edges and scratches due to the fact that zinc reacts with oxygen more readily than the iron in steel. In corrosive environments, therefore, zinc, in essence, takes the corrosive force upon itself while protecting the steel.
   In medicine: to stimulate or shock with an electric current. To arouse to awareness or action; spur: "Issues that once galvanized the electorate fade into irrelevance".