Obscurecimiento de la piel por pigmento melánico.
   <(A.): Melanosis: an Haut oder Schleimhäuten primär oder im Zusammenhang mit inneren Erkrankungen, Gravidität u.a. auftretende Form der Melanodermie.
   <(F.):Mélanose: présence de dépôts anormaux de mélanine dans la peau et dans d’autres tissus.
   <(Ing.):Melanosis: becker’s nevus (also known as “Becker’s melanosis,” “Becker’s pigmentary hamartoma,” “Nevoid melanosis,” and “Pigmented hairy epidermal nevus” is a skin disorder predominantly affecting males. The nevus generally first appears as an irregular pigmentation (melanosis or hyperpigmentation) on the torso or upper arm (though other areas of the body can be affected), and gradually enlarges irregularly, becoming thickened and often hairy (hypertrichosis).